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Reclaiming Ourselves (Gods &Radicals Press)

Emma Kathryn presents an accessible and insightful map to rediscovering what we have always been capable of: reclaiming our relationship to ourselves, to our bodies, to the land around us, to healing, to food, to community, and to spirituality. Easily adaptable for any circumstance, her practical advice and tips on becoming more secure in this difficult world and her discussions of the struggles many of us face in reconnecting to ourselves feel like the words of a kind friend reminding us we will be okay.

Reclaiming Ourselves, by Emma Kathryn, is an ideal book for everyone seeking strength and connection to not only survive but thrive and be a light for others in these dark times.

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Reclaiming Food (Gods & Radicals Press)

From Emma Kathryn (author of Reclaiming Ourselves and instructor of Becoming Wild-The Tools of Resistance) comes a uniquely useful and simple guide to something many of us have forgotten we can do for ourselves: cooking.

In her much-loved straightforward and playful manner, Emma Kathryn explains the basics of cooking and pantry management, and offers scores of recipes that can be modified and expanded to create countless other dishes, all with the goal of helping the reader become more independent from commercial food production, more secure in their food budgets, and more grounded in their relationship with nature and the earth.

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Witch Life (Llewellyn)

In today’s busy world, it can be hard to make time for magic but this practical guide helps keep you inspired and connected to your spirituality. Designed so that you can easily choose a spell, meditation, or ritual to suit your needs, Witch Life is the perfect tool for making your practice thrive, even in the busiest times.Emma Kathryn presents spells and workings for nearly every purpose, from protection rituals and kitchen witchery to candle magic and spirit work. Explore healing and hexing magic, moon and plant magic, and magical crafts. Discover exciting ways to celebrate the sabbats, harness the elements, and more. From worshipping deities to creating charms, this book offers something for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Wild Witchcraft is for those witches to whom the wild calls. This small collection of writings offer fresh insight into witchcraft, giving new perspective on the basics, but also encompasses what comes next. This book is for all seekers, regardless of their path or tradition, with the emphasis on personal praxis over dogma, with practical tips and advice that the witch can adapt to meet their own needs.

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