Spiral Nature – An Essay in Pictures

On our various spiritual and magickal journeys, we are too often consumed with the big questions, with the attainment of knowledge and power. Of course, in a way this is natural and there is nothing wrong with this in itself, but by narrowing our focus, we do ourselves a disservice. There is a quiet typeContinue reading “Spiral Nature – An Essay in Pictures”

On Taking Time

I cast my eyes around this garden, the night garden, transformed beneath a layer of frost that catches the pale celestial light and reflects it as though thousands of tiny diamonds have embedded themselves into and upon the land. The red berries of the cotoneaster and how soon the birds will pluck them from the branches, one of the last sources of food this side of winter, grateful for the overgrown tree and it’s plentiful supply. Of the thick ivy that grows and the cover it provides to so many creatures. Of the bare cherry tree, it’s branches reaching ever skywards, it’s leaves long fallen.

Summer Musings: Ethics of Foraging & Separation of Allies

You see, some people do not understand that foraging is not the same as wild harvesting. Foragers take only what they need and always consider the needs of the other creatures we share this world with. We do not strip areas of  ‘resources’, of plants, flowers, nuts and fruits. We take little, leaving nothing but our footprints and we become stewards of our wild places, taking care of them. It is in our interest to take care of our wild spaces, to ensure the survival of plant species. Foraging builds a symbiotic relationship with nature, one where we recognise and understand our place within it, not separate from it.

The Simple Joy of Gardening – Part 1

Gardening is something I enjoy, but it’s also one of the easiest ways in which to bring the magickal, spiritual and mundane aspects of your life together. For me, that’s the point, for these aspects of ourselves do not live in a vacuum, they are each an important part of ourselves, and when out in the garden working with dirt and seed, I can’t help but feel that all of those different parts are brought together, all in harmony. It is a good feeling!

Building a Relationship With Nature

I am an animist. I believe that everything in the natural  world – trees, plants, animals, mountains etc – has a spirit, a soul. I truly believe, and have experienced for myself, that a strong connection with nature will have a profound effect on your witchcraft. It really will. Building a relationship with nature isContinue reading “Building a Relationship With Nature”