Plant Power – All Purpose Cleaner

I love making my own products to use in and around the home, there’s just something so satisfying about it, especially when someone comes round and comments on how nice it smells! Now the making of products doesn’t necessarily fall under the umbrella of witchcraft, but if you consider the ritual harvesting of herbs and so on then it is easy to see how the crafting of items and products can fall within the realm of folk practice. And if you want to get witchy with it, then consecrate the final product in a ritual setting  before use.

Adventures In Wine Making: Rustic Ginger Wine

Making wine has become something of a hobby of mine. It’s a kind of alchemy, the taking of raw natural ingredients and combining to create something new, something delicious and also so very, very strong. Absolute magic! Whilst these wines are indeed rustic and not as refined as something you might spend top dollar on,Continue reading “Adventures In Wine Making: Rustic Ginger Wine”