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The Simple Joy of Gardening – Part 1

Gardening is something I enjoy, but it's also one of the easiest ways in which to bring the magickal, spiritual and mundane aspects of your life together. For me, that's the point, for these aspects of ourselves do not live in a vacuum, they are each an important part of ourselves, and when out in the garden working with dirt and seed, I can't help but feel that all of those different parts are brought together, all in harmony. It is a good feeling!

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Building a Relationship With Nature

I am an animist. I believe that everything in the natural  world - trees, plants, animals, mountains etc - has a spirit, a soul. I truly believe, and have experienced for myself, that a strong connection with nature will have a profound effect on your witchcraft. It really will. Building a relationship with nature is… Continue reading Building a Relationship With Nature

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Journeys Into The Tarot

The tarot is something that calls to so many of us, even those who normally steer well clear of anything that might resemble the occult. There is just something about these mysterious little cards that stirs something within us. Learning the tarot is an ongoing process, It never ends because we are ever changing; I… Continue reading Journeys Into The Tarot

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Adventures In Wine Making: Rustic Ginger Wine

Making wine has become something of a hobby of mine. It’s a kind of alchemy, the taking of raw natural ingredients and combining to create something new, something delicious and also so very, very strong. Absolute magic! Whilst these wines are indeed rustic and not as refined as something you might spend top dollar on,… Continue reading Adventures In Wine Making: Rustic Ginger Wine