Summer Ramblings – Heron Folklore

The air over the water shimmers in the heat of the morning, warm even at this early hour. The light has that golden syrupy quality that holds the promise of a hot day. The surface of the lake is still, like a mirror, glassy reflections of the trees that line the lake and the blue sky that will later deepen to cornflower as the temperature rises. Dragon flies zip across the surface and a swan moves lazily across the water.

There’s a magic to such places, wouldn’t you agree?

Woodland Wanderings

Sometimes though, quite often in fact, I escape into the woods for the sheer pleasure of being beneath the boughs and autumn is such a good time to do this. The leaves are just beginning to turn orange and red and the autumn sun glinting through the them is beautifully hypnotic. It is worth just going and sitting quietly simply for the sake of being in the woods.

Spiral Nature – An Essay in Pictures

On our various spiritual and magickal journeys, we are too often consumed with the big questions, with the attainment of knowledge and power. Of course, in a way this is natural and there is nothing wrong with this in itself, but by narrowing our focus, we do ourselves a disservice. There is a quiet typeContinue reading “Spiral Nature – An Essay in Pictures”

On Taking Time

I cast my eyes around this garden, the night garden, transformed beneath a layer of frost that catches the pale celestial light and reflects it as though thousands of tiny diamonds have embedded themselves into and upon the land. The red berries of the cotoneaster and how soon the birds will pluck them from the branches, one of the last sources of food this side of winter, grateful for the overgrown tree and it’s plentiful supply. Of the thick ivy that grows and the cover it provides to so many creatures. Of the bare cherry tree, it’s branches reaching ever skywards, it’s leaves long fallen.

Spirit Work

I adore Samhain as well but for me the whole month of October is when I begin to feel more closely attuned to the spirit world. Perhaps this owes itself to the fact that in my small part of the world October is the month where the dying back of plant life begins in earnest, migratory animals have long gone or have arrived whilst native species prepare for the long winter ahead and and the nights are noticeably longer and colder.