Does the wild call to you? Does it whisper to your soul?

Wild witchcraft is about returning to the wilds and the magic that resides there. It isn’t always pretty nor is it tame but there is a beauty that can only be found within the wild landscapes of the world and the soul, a power undiminished. We are wild things, are we not? Come and join me, let us howl at the moon and walk barefoot beneath the trees, for we witches are wild things!

About Me


I am a witch, obeah woman and vodouisant, practising a mix of traditions that fully represents my heritage. I live in the middle of England in a small rural town where my weirdness is well known! You can find me in the woods, out by the river, sometimes collecting this or that, often muttering to myself, quite often talking to a tree or bird.

I write for Gods & Radicals, The House of Twigs, Witch Way Magazine and also here.


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  • Caribbean Magical & Spiritual Traditions: Myal & Obeah
    The Caribbean is a place that always fills me with a sense of mystery and magic. Those tropical waters and lands have seen so much, have had so much happen upon them and within them that it’s no wonder there are a wealth if spiritual and magical traditions that abound there. In these videos, IContinue reading “Caribbean Magical & Spiritual Traditions: Myal & Obeah”
  • Mugwort Season
    Some of you may also know I have a Youtube Channel and I’m on Tiktok (I know, I know, but why should the youth have all the fun!). Anyway, confessions aside, seeing how mugwort is all over the place at the moment, I thought I’d share this oldie but goodie.
  • Summer Ramblings – Heron Folklore
    The air over the water shimmers in the heat of the morning, warm even at this early hour. The light has that golden syrupy quality that holds the promise of a hot day. The surface of the lake is still, like a mirror, glassy reflections of the trees that line the lake and the blue sky that will later deepen to cornflower as the temperature rises. Dragon flies zip across the surface and a swan moves lazily across the water. There’s a magic to such places, wouldn’t you agree?