Welcome to Emma Kathryn Wild Witchcraft!

Does the wild call to you? Do you want to reconnect with nature and the magic that resides there? Perhaps you already practise your own craft and simply seek to connect with other like minded folk? Then wild witchcraft is for you.

Increasingly we are disconnected from the land, and that, fellow witch, is a crying shame. This, sharing my own foray into the wilds of witchcraft, is one of my ways in which I can do something about that if only to encourage others to seek out their own crooked path.

Wild witchcraft is also about personal journey as you continue to forge your own crooked way, as you step off the well worn path and instead choose the deer track through the forest. It is about connecting to the land where you live, regardless of practise, tradition, or even where you live, for magic can be found everywhere.

So step in and lose yourself in the wild!

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