Wild Witch Podcast

Introducing Wild Witch Podcast…

A new year brings with it new things and this is the first!

Wild Witch Podcast brings discussions about reclaiming and rewilding witchcraft and ourselves to the fore. Each episode is only around twenty minutes long, perfect for listening on the go but ultimately, the aim is these discussions will allow us to bridge the gap between magical theory and magical practice in a way that serves us, the land and the spirits that reside there!

Listen to the first episode here: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/dL7ntCB0hwb

Most Recent Episodes


In this episode I discuss the impact foraging has had on my own witchcraft practice. Not only is it a great way to begin to build your relationship and connection to the land, it’s a great way to begin working with the genius loci too. Listen here.

Connecting to the Land

Join me as I talks about what connecting to the land looks like, what it can add to your craft and some easy ways to rediscover the magic in the land where you live. Listen here.

Witchcraft & Fighting

Back in my younger days I used to be a fighter – boxing and kickboxing. In this episode I talk about the correlations between witchcraft and fighting as well as exercise as meditation. Listen here.

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