What’s on Witch? Courses, Workshops & More

Here you will find regular updates about upcoming courses & workshops. All courses and workshops that are hosted by me will have limited scholarship places as well as sliding scale payment options will be offered because people should not be priced out of learning.

Lotions & Potions Workshop

17th & 18th September

In collaboration with Unity in Healing, I’ll be hosting a practical workshop where you’ll learn how to prepare and make a range of lotions and potions for everyday and magical use.

This is a workshop over 2 days. The first session we will cover different ways of making and preparing before delving into plant specifics in the next.

Tickets are available here:

Obeah in Literature: Wide Sargasso Sea

This was one of the first novels where obeah was not only mentioned but the obeah woman was a central character!

Join me for an exploration and discussion of obeah as it relates to this classic novel.

More details to come soon!

Occult Writing Workshop

Friday 23rd September 2022



Join me for an evening of occult creative writing! This workshop will explore creativity through the lens of occult divination methods.

Tap into your subconcious mind to unleash your creativity. Whether you write for fun or have dreams of being published, this workshop is for everyone.

Tarot Reading @The Dark Arts Market, Nottingham

22nd – 23rd October 2022

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be tarot reading at The Dark Arts Market this October in Nottingham!

Check out The Dark Arts fb page for more information:


Booking Form

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