Journeys Into The Tarot

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The tarot is something that calls to so many of us, even those who normally steer well clear of anything that might resemble the occult. There is just something about these mysterious little cards that stirs something within us.

Learning the tarot is an ongoing process, It never ends because we are ever changing; I am not the same as I was yesterday, last week or last year, and nor will you be. Change is normal and without it we stagnate. But learning the tarot is also hard and time consuming and takes effort. There is no easy way, there are no short cuts and because of that not everyone who sets off on this journey completes it, and that’s okay (and why we tarot readers exist!).

But if the call of the tarot is too much to ignore, here are some tips to help you along your way:

  • If you have the luxury of choosing your own deck then choose one whose imagery grabs you, calls to you. If in doubt the classic Rider Waite Smith deck makes a great beginners deck.
  • Start from the beginning of the deck and choose a card each day. Just spend some time taking in the card and paying attention to the items it contains. How do the colours make you feel? What is the card showing and what are the people or animals doing? What do the symbols within the card mean to you?
  • Not confident enough to do a full reading? Then choose a single card and practise interpreting it in relation to a specific question or person.
  • Use the cards as a daily meditation. If you need to, read the meaning of the card in the accompanying booklet and then use the card as a focus point. Consider the qualities the card shows and visualise them embodied within yourself.
  • Get your friends round and have a bit of fun with the cards. Practising reading on one another, let the wine flow and have some fun!

And if reading the tarot is like reading a foreign language and you just cannot get on with it, then get in touch! I offer a wide range of readings at affordable prices. You can fill in the contact form and I will get back to you so we can discuss your needs.

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