Spiral Nature – An Essay in Pictures

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On our various spiritual and magickal journeys, we are too often consumed with the big questions, with the attainment of knowledge and power. Of course, in a way this is natural and there is nothing wrong with this in itself, but by narrowing our focus, we do ourselves a disservice.

There is a quiet type of knowledge that can be found in the slowing down and noticing the smaller worlds that we either overlook on our quests for enlightenment, ignore, just do not see, or worse of all, see no importance in. We’ve all heard the axiom ‘as above, so below’, and yet we rarely take the time to just stop and put this into practise in the most mundane way, by paying attention to the world around us, by noticing those smaller worlds within that appear to exist alongside us. I did that this afternoon. I sat in my garden with my camera and just paid attention to the goings on. It doesn’t take long to realise that our world, the world of man, does not exist alongside these smaller worlds as a separate entity, but rather that nature is a spiral. What exists in the microcosm does so in the macrocosm too.

There are lessons to be learned from nature and from those creatures that seem more in tune with it than we are. Sometimes those lessons aren’t obvious. Sometimes it is simply the act of stopping what we are doing and just being in which we perhaps learn the most important lessons.

This then is my first photograph essay. The pictures all taken in my garden, an oasis of green in the concrete jungle. It doesn’t matter where we live, nature doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and nor should we!

The lavender is in full bloom, it takes but a gentle breeze to carry the scent to me . I planted this as a tiny plant – they don’t take much to flourish.
A single sparrow, just taking a moment in the morning sun. They aren’t renown for their song or for their beauty, but they are indeed charming.
Just a little snail, sensibly taking shade from the sun.
Look at this little guy! I wonder what’s caught his gaze?
It actually took me ages to get some half decent pictures of the bees! They simply adore the lavender, that droning buzz as they flit between the blooms is lovely.
There’s a wall of ivy in my garden and the sparrows roost in it overnight. The elder is for morning meet ups.
Herb Robert has fallen out of favour with herbalists nowadays but their dainty pink flowers are charming. You can use the fresh plant to stop bleeding.
If you want to bring nature into your garden, you’d do well to plant lavender and other flowers that attract pollinators.
More bees!

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