Reclaiming Ourselves – Back to Basics: Food & Medicine (Part 2)

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Folk medicine and food are vital components not only in life, but also in my own witchcraft practise. Skills like cooking from scratch, making stocks and sauces, or basic medicines to ease common complaints are becoming lost. We are forgetting our heritage, what all peoples from all places know, or once did. Let us reclaim them!


Last time I wrote about food and medicine, but in doing so, I barely scratched the surface and so here’s part 2! I often say within witchcraft to take what works for you and discard the rest and the same applies here too. The aim with these articles is to share some of the knowledge, tips and advice I’ve picked up along my way in the hope that they will come in useful to you in your own struggles against Capitalism.



Feeding yourself and your family can be expensive, especially when you try to eat well, and especially if you rely on supermarkets to do so. The tips offered here will save you some money, but more importantly, will help you regain a measure of independence.

So here’s where it might get a little controversial, but I’m going to talk about going meat free.

I’ve been a vegetarian since…

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