Wild Witchcraft – An Excerpt

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So, I realised that I previously shared a review of my book without really giving you any information about it!  It is only a small volume consisting of a collection of writings on wide and varying subjects within witchcraft.

Within the book, I write about some of the issues, thoughts and feelings I encountered myself but couldn’t find the answers to anywhere. It focuses on a personal witchcraft, unique to each practitioner, giving hints and tips on how to forge your own crooked path.

Here’s an excerpt for you:



I write this little book in the hope that it finds its way to whoever is in need of it.


The writings herein  are experiences I have encountered on my own crooked path and I offer them here to you, Dear Seeker, in the hope that you will find them helpful.


This small volume is  for those of us who feel disillusioned with the world in which we find ourselves constrained; our craft squeezed in whenever we find time between slaving away at jobs we hate and the other pressures of modern life placed upon us, who feel their craft tamed by the constraints of society.


This book is for those of us to whom the wild calls.


You will find no pulling down of traditions here: a witch is a witch is a witch. However with that said, I am not Wiccan, follow no laws but my own. My witchcraft is my own. It’s what’s needed, when it’s needed. It isn’t always pretty and light.


All are welcome here, and to all seekers I say take what you need, what works for you, and discard the rest.


We witches are wild things, and our craft must not be tamed!


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