Abuse Within Paganism – A Taboo Topic?

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I wrote this a couple of weeks ago over at Gods & Radicals.

I will say, extra to what’s written, that if you’re in a group or whatever and you feel something isn’t quite right, trust that gut instinct. Don’t blindly take what somebody else says as truth.

We need to start being allies for one another.


We must make those who think that Paganism tolerates abusive, controlling behaviour aware that they have no place within our traditions.

From Emma Kathryn


If you are a member of the Pagan community (whatever that means to you – we’ll discuss community later), then you may well remember when a well know witch published a blog post that talked about the abuse she’d suffered from within the Pagan community. The post did cause a little bit of a stir. It made the snippets of the popular Pagan outlets, and aside from a few private blog posts from other Pagans and witches, not much more was said.

That woman was Sarah Anne Lawless, and you can read that particular blog post here.

Sarah’s story kind of touched a cord with me. You see, many years ago, a close family member of mine was herself in an abusive relationship, and I guess I…

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2 responses

  1. saira willmott-dàby

    So happy to have found your blog and site, Emma. Having practised as a “solo/hedge” witch for over 35 yrs, it’s good to still find witches who believe in the practical hard work of witchcraft and creating “handmade” magic and not relying on “one size fits all” spell books.


    1. Emma Kathryn

      Thank you for your kind words, they means so much. I too practice mostly solo though I do have a few witching pals and we meet up every now and then. I’m glad you enjoy what I put out. Thanks again.


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