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This year has been strange, and that’s putting it mildly. As terrible and dark as some of the times have been I think they have also served to remind us what is important. For me, more than ever, that has been my practice, animism and the people around me.

All of this has urged me on and given me the courage to do something that I had been thinking about for a long while and that is reach out to the wider community. I do this anyway, well kind of, what with my writing but I also wanted to offer folks something more practical and this is where the workshops, courses and journeying / meditation work come in. So here I will share with you some of the upcoming events and tell you a little more about each.

December Journey Work (19th December)

I know many folks who will sneer at the idea of journey work and I can’t help but feel so sorry for them! Journey work and meditation are vital not only for your own spiritual and magical practices but also for good mental health.

In the December group, we will reconnect with the spirit of the time and remember the real reason for the season. Through journeying we can connect and realign with the spirit of the land which in turn can impact our ‘real life’ connections to the land and the spirits that reside there.

Herbal Healing Workshop (13th February 2021)

During this workshop you will learn how to make and apply herbal remedies for many common ailments and illnesses.

While this is no replacement for medicating serious illnesses, so many of us have begun to realise that for many common complaints, natural remedies can work just as well as over the counter medicines and cost much less too.

Not only will you learn about natural medicines and how to use them but you will also understand and appreciate the relationship that is formed through working with plants and how this can help the healing process as well.

You can find the booking information here.

This year, as we approach the festive season, instead of buying people polluting gifts they don’t really want, why not consider giving the gift of experiences.

Published by Emma Kathryn

Emma Kathryn practises Traditional British Witchcraft and Obeah and is also an initiate of Vodoun, a mixture that fully encompasses her heritage. She lives in the middle of England in a rural town where she reads tarot, throws shells and drinks copious amounts of coffee!

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