Happy New Year Witches!

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Let’s be honest, last year wasn’t great for many people for many reasons but we all know the impact Covid had on us and our lives, of which I won’t go into here. Instead, I wanted to share with you all some simple ways you can kick off the new year. I’m not one for new years resolutions but there is nothing wrong with having achievable goals to help you make the most of the year ahead and I think having goals is a good thing when it comes to your own witchcraft.

A Simple Candle Ritual

Take a candle, of any colour and inscribe it with words of power, sigils or runes. Dress it with oils and herbs ~ basil for prosperity, lavender for peace and calm, rosemary to ward off negativity and so on , you get the idea (and if you need a little help in terms of associations, there are plenty of good websites or, treat yourselves to a decent book, I highly recommend Treadwell’s Book of Plant Magic).

Set aside a time when you will be undisturbed and light the candle. Enter a meditative state and envision all you wish to achieve in this coming year. Let the candle burn down, releasing your intent into the world.

Ritual Cleaning

Cleaning is a bore! I will never be one of those women who enjoy cleaning…it is a necessity and little more. And yet, there is much to be said for having a good ritual clean, particularly at the new year. Open your windows and doors, blast some of your favourite music and have a good old fashioned clear out! Make a herbal wash, again using oils and herbs associated with ridding negativity and attracting all that you wish to achieve and burn cleansing herbs!

Honour Your Ancestors

Now is a perfect time to start an ancestor practice or to kick start your current one if you’ve been lacking (and let’s face it, last year has meant many of us might not have been as dedicated as we would have liked to have been in many different areas).

If you live close to where they are buried, then why not try to make a ritual of visiting and tending their final resting places. Set up an ancestor altar, even if this only consists of a candle and a cherished photo, it gives you a space in which you can sit and remember them as a simple veneration practise.

Researching your own family tree is another way in which you can feel closer to those who came before.

Undertake Some Extra Learning

And finally, why not get deeper into your own witchcraft practice. Take a course, learn more about whatever interests you. Check out the Online section to see the latest upcoming courses and workshops.

Finally, whatever you do, may this year bring you all that you desire. Happy new year witches!

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