Introducing Lilith’s Left Hand

Regular readers will know I bang on about community, solidarity and mutual aid a lot. I care deeply about these issues. Through them we can reclaim ourselves and our power, have more autonomy over more areas of our lives.

Lilith’s Left Hand, in it’s future, will hopefully be a place with all of those issues at the fore, but for now it’s all about bringing people together, about sharing tools and ideas with others, ways of reclaiming ourselves, a spiritual community where differences are celebrated. I suppose the aim is to create an creative collective with an occult edge or focus (but wee see the spiritual, magickal and mundane areas of life being connected, when something occurs in one area, the ripples can be seen and felt in the others).

We have big ideas, right? And it will take time, but for now we have these going on:

Lilith’s Left Hand Podcast

Liliths Left Hand Book Club

This is a free event!

Published by Emma Kathryn

Emma Kathryn practises Traditional British Witchcraft and Obeah and is also an initiate of Vodoun, a mixture that fully encompasses her heritage. She lives in the middle of England in a rural town where she reads tarot, throws shells and drinks copious amounts of coffee!

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