Wild Witchcraft Review

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A review of Wild Witchcraft, my debut book on witchcraft. You can find it on Amazon.


Emma Kathryn’s Wild Witchcraft is the first book of its kind I have read since I was 16 years old and exploring wicca and neo-druidry.

From her politics to her spirituality, Emma doesn’t claim to be the barer of hidden wisdoms or great revelations. What you find in this short book of shadows is the ideas and practices of someone dedicated to the exploration of radical politics and paganism.

Emma’s beautiful and personalised work on the practice of wild-witchcraft is one that would appeal to anyone interested in pagan anti-capitalism. From recipes to histories, its honest simplicity is beautiful to read.

There are aspects of the philosophies and ideas expressed in this book that I have personal disagreements with, in the way that no two people will ever agree entirely on everything. But Wild Witchcraft is definitely now a work I will hold on to and recommend as a beautiful…

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